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 James Niehues has been painting aerial views since 1986 and has completed over 300 illustrations for resorts, tourist bureaus, golf communities and outdoor sports related entities. Whether it's a ski map, a regional or a resort property all perspectives are rendered in a way to best show all aspects of the terrain. In many instances, distortions are necessary to bring everything into a single view. Jim's forte is his ability to do this credibly and maintain accuracy of relationships to all elements. Ski Map Posters For Sale Now!      

Snowbird, UT

ost of Jim's projects are US resorts but, Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and Scotland clients have also sought his expertise.


 Each view is hand painted by brush and airbrush using opaque watercolor to capture the detail and variations of nature's beauty. Once the project is initiated, reference material, topo maps and aerial photography are gathered to compose the view. A comprehensive sketch is produced of the perspective for the client's review and approval before rendering the final color. When the final color is approved the illustration is sent to the photo lab for an 8x10 inch transparency. Jim then personally scans the image and makes extensive color corrections using Photoshop, usually delivering 300 meg scans to the client, completing a blend of artistry and technology.


Artist helps skiers chart their course

"Jim Niehues photographs ski trails to create trail maps as integral to skiing as snow." NBC´s Kevin Tibbles reports. Click to see video report
 Jim's love of scenery is evident in his gallery, with not only a variety of aerial views but also the scenic paintings, most painted in oils.

Long Beach, WA
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